Liljeholmen Herrgård - experience the beauty of East Sweden

Liljeholmen Herrgård

Bed & Breakfast, Hostel or Hotel?

Stay at a beautiful country estate by Lake Åsunden’s northern shore. Large open spaces, beautiful walks and a child-friendly beach are some of the things Liljeholmen Herrgård provides.

We offer Bed and Breakfast or self catering. Our ambition is to be an option for those who want good service and standard, but at a reasonable and good price. We are neither a budget option nor a luxurious one.

In others, we are cheaper than a hotel, more charming than a hostel and greater than a B&B.

Liljeholmen sommartid
Astrid Lindgrens Värld Pippa Långstrump

In between Astrid Lindgren’s World in Vimmerby and Linköping

Liljeholmen Herrgård is strategically located, close to both Linköping (35 km) and Astrid Lindgren’s World in Vimmerby (50 km). At Vimmerby you can meet Pippi Longstocking, Emil in Lönneberga and Karlsson on the roof.

In Linköping you can visit the Airforce Museum, the Open Air Museum Gamla Linköping or experience Bergs slussar with its mighty stair of locks and most famous part of Göta kanal, the blue ribbon of Sweden. 

Kinda kanal & lakes – East Sweden

Movie with the beautiful pictures from Kinda Kanal and lakes.

Herrgården, Double & Single Room

Stay on the top floor of Liljeholmen Herrgård. Here you get simple rooms with great charm. Several rooms overlook Lake Åsunden and you have access to all salons in the manor. Each room has its own sink. The kitchenette, bathroom and shower are all shared with other guests. WiFi access in all rooms.

Poppelgården and Allégården, Double Room & Family Room

In Poppelgården and Allégården, the rooms are large and modern. Here you get plenty of space and a good standard. Each room has its own bathroom and shower. The shared kitchen is fully equipped and the living room with a TV is big, bright and nice. WiFi access in all rooms.

Evagården, Tripple Room

Evagården is Liljeholmen’s oldest guesthouse. Here the rooms are simple but nice. Each room has a single bed and a daybed that can be turned into a 160-cm-wide double bed. Each room has its own bathroom with shower. The rooms were renovated in 2016. In the same building there is a nice living room with a TV. You also have access to a fully equipped kitchen. WiFi access in all rooms.

Liljeholmen Herrgård from above

Watch the movie with the beautiful surroundings of Liljeholmen.

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